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Agender (as with atheist) [ change ]

Agender (as with atheist) [ change ]

“Adult people poultry” came up while the an excellent parody of one’s slogan into the later 2021 once an effective TERF sockpuppet tweeted one to “‘woman’ setting mature people people. Such ‘hen’ mode adult human chicken.”

AFAB trans lady [ modify ]

  • A word salad made from arbitrary words to imply that sex-term brands is low-sensical or meaningless.
  • A low-sequential number of labels accustomed on purpose misgender trans men since women, attaching the fresh name “trans” so you can terms due to their sex assigned during the beginning (compare to “trans-known female”).
  • Or, while the TERFs keeps know so it construction try thinking-contradictary, brand new joke “identity” regarding good cis lady just who relates to once the an effective trans girl (see biography-trans).

Aiden [ edit ]

Derogatory term getting a transgender boy, according to the label that “Aiden” (otherwise equivalent group of brands age.grams. Hayden, Jayden) are a famous assortment of label certainly more youthful trans men. This is exactly often joked about because of the trans anybody among themselves, however, has been appropriated by TERFs.

Autoandrophilia / AAP [ revise ]

Good pseudoscientific hypothesis one transgender people who are not entirely keen on ladies changeover due to a beneficial fetish if you are regarded as males. It is shorter prevalent compared to the idea of autogynephilia, and several supporters of your own autogynephilia idea accept that there’s no equivalent within the trans guys – as they are “women”, and you will girls don’t possess fetishes! But some TERFs believe it can are present, ergo trans boys try not to actual. YouTuber Pursue Ross (uppercasechase1) might have been quoted from the TERFs given that an autoandrophile because the their station is targeted on examining adult sex toys, packers, undergarments, etcetera.

Autogynephilia / AGP [ revise ]

A good pseudoscientific theory you to definitely transgender women who aren’t solely drawn to the male is transitioning strictly down to a great fetish having being considered ladies. It idea, recommended from the J. Michael Bailey and more than common amongst the eighties and you may very early 2000s, has been recycled by TERFs to further its blatant transmisogyny.

Autogynesmile [ modify ]

TERFs say that trans female most of the possess an equivalent smug smile considering its “autogynephilia”, therefore it is named an enthusiastic autogynesmile (or “autogynephile smirk.”)

Autohomoeroticism / AHE [ change ]

A theory, according to research by the largely-debunked thought of autogynephilia, you to definitely trans anyone (specifically trans men) who are interested in the same gender change due to an effective fetish if you are considered homosexual anyone.

Bio-trans [ change ]

Some other phony term created by 4chan or TERF Tumblr in order to mock trans somebody. A bio-trans woman was purportedly a beneficial cis girl who identifies given that a good trans woman. It is centered on a comic in which good cis woman “transitions” because of the implementing transphobic stereotypes eg shaving their go to copy androgenic baldness and you will dressing such as for example an anime reputation. This new meme spawned an untrue-banner operation toward Twitter within the , that have transphobes carrying out an armed forces off “bio-trans” sockpuppets, complete with bald people Picrew avatars.

Blanchard design [ change ]

A concept, very first posited because of the sexologist Beam Blanchard on the mid-eighties, that every trans ladies are often homosexual people exactly who transition very they may be able focus upright men (“homosexual transsexuals”); otherwise upright guys just who changeover due to a sexual fetish (“autogynephiles”). Blanchard nevertheless claims now this is the situation, despite extensive criticism out-of their theories and functions. TERFs adamantly guard the latest “Blanchard Design” although it cannot stand up to perhaps the very basic analysis.

Blanchard thinks one trans guys are women, and girls lack paraphilias; ergo there isn’t any particular brand new design getting trans guys. Yet not, TERFs features recommended their own similar wherein the trans men are possibly lesbians which change to escape homophobia, or upright girls having autohomoeroticism (an excellent fetish to have trying to get noticed while the homosexual people.)

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