Cash Handling and Petty Cash Office of the Bursar Office of the Bursar


It can be ordered from most office supply stores (including on-line). It should also include a unique code that identifies each cash handler. If the cash still does not balance, the supervisor should discuss with the cashier responsible for the cash drawer any unusual transactions that may be the cause of the imbalance. The purpose of using an armored car service is to provide security for city deposits and safety for city employees.

After the request is approved, a check, payable to the fund custodian, will be issued. Make permanent note of your fund custodian reference number which is provided on the accompanying transmittal memo. Regularly reconciling the petty cash fund and verifying the complete amount of the fund.

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Excess funds must be placed in a locked device or deposited in the cashier’s office. All units accepting cash, checks, or credit cards must ensure proper controls are in place to safeguard collections until deposit. All departments collecting funds are subject to periodic, unannounced audits by the Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance. This is a required annual course for all UNT employees who handle cash, which includes currency, checks, EFTs, ACHs, credit cards, or debit cards. Participants will be familiarized with UNT’s policies and with the compliance requirements that must be met by any participant or department that handles cash. Attendees will gain a functional understanding of the controls designed to safeguard cash.

Improve cash management with cash handling procedure training

For detailed information on Petty Cash and Change Fund processes refer to the Cash Handling guides. If the answer to any of these questions is NO, perform additional research. This includes following-up on any differences or discrepancies. Alarm system requirements are applicable whenever a unit regularly has more than $2,500 in cash.

Any checks received will be stamped with the City endorsement or run through a validation printer. On some checks over a certain amount there may be two signatures required. When a refund is required, a receipt form should to be filled out. To make sure that no bills are stuck together hand to hand should be used when counting.

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Minimize disputes over the amount being paid by a customer by leaving currency on the cash register ledge or other secure area visible to the customer until the transaction is completed. Excess amounts of cash accumulated during the day should be removed, counted, and placed in a secure location by a supervisor. Refer to Securing Currency, Coin, and Checks at the bottom of the section for more information about securing cash. The University cash handling policy definition of “cash” also includes e-commerce/ACH, money orders, securities, traveler’s checks, or other property easily converted to currency. Any person handling “City cash” should contact the Treasurer’s Office to arrange for appropriate training on cash handling and credit card compliance.

A reconciliation is performed to verify the processing and recording of transactions. The interrelation between these key activities is the foundation for a strong control environment that protects both the University and you, as a handler of cash. The events were reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers throughout the country. Handling cash is a very sensitive activity at UCSC – and at any organization.

Main Reasons That Impede Better Cash Handling

Credit/Debit Card Acceptance Procedures Acceptance of credit/debit cards, including PCI data standards. Cash Handling Procedures Accepting, depositing, and safekeeping of cash and cash equivalents. The person receiving the funds must sign this form and present photo ID.

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Strapped currency is counted at full value when balancing the drawer/fund at the end of the day. Removing any bills without removing the rubber band or wrapper will result in an incorrect count and will prevent you from balancing your cash at day’s end. Comparing cash deposits recorded in the general ledger to deposit amounts appearing on copies of the Departmental / Sub Cashier Cash Collections Deposit Form. Ensure that a cash handling duty does not conflict with other duties. Refer to Separation of Duties at the bottom of the section for more information. Refer to Cash Handler Proficiency at the bottom of the section for more information.


If the CVV2 number is recorded on a form when collected by phone, that data must be destroyed once the transaction is completed. All UCSC Merchants and employees are prohibited from storing security code data. When asking a cardholder for their security code, merchants must not document this information on any kind of paper order form or store it in any database. The procedures covered in this training material apply to all individuals who have access to credit card information, in any form, at a University of California Santa Cruz “merchant” location. As stated, if you have access to credit card information as part of your job responsibilities at UCSC, you are accountable for maintaining the security of that information. When transporting deposits it is important that safety and security of both the cash and checks, as well as the individuals are kept in mind.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard discusses credit card acceptance, security, and Cardholder Information Security Program certification policies required by PCI_DSS. Complete a Close Cash Fund form and submit a cash deposit receipt obtained from the Campus Cashier’s Office All unreimbursed petty cash vouchers with supporting receipts. Forward the form and supporting documents to the individual authorized in the department to approve the reimbursement and related accounting information.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover all employ a holographic security design on their cards. The key for all holograms is that they should reflect light, appear three-dimensional, and the image in the hologram should appear to move or shift when the card is tilted back and forth. If the image looks flat or doesn’t move, the card may be counterfeit.

If every cashier uses a different approach, you’ll be in a constant state of chaos and spend far too much time reconciling receipts and tracking down discrepancies. Your team can’t be expected to do things the way you want them to unless you define your needs. Detailing the ways you want cash receipts handled ensures you have policies in place that your cashiers, your back office, and anyone who handles cash can refer to.

  • Cash handling involves tracking the acceptance and disbursement of cash in a business.
  • At UCSC, whether you are depositing cash to a drop box, counting cash, or engaging in any such critical task, having two people engaged in that activity together is an important practice.
  • You need to train them to minimize errors and eliminate bad cash handling practices.
  • On the other side, improper systems will make it much harder for you to identify mistakes and rectify errors.

This category of duties includes the physical handling of cash at any point in the process. The prospective employee undergoing a criminal background check. Contact Staff Human Resources to obtain the information needed to arrange for a background check.

Train your employees on the cash handling process

Access should be limited to supervisory and authorized personnel. If you use a hand written receipt book, you will need to add up your sales for the day to determine the total sales for the day. Give the payer the original copy of the receipt and the carbon copy will remain in the book. DO NOT THROW IT OUT. ALL duplicate copies of the receipt book should be intact. Do not rip out any of the duplicate receipts from the book.

  • Departments must always store funds in the best safekeeping facility available.
  • In BUS-49 a unit with this level of activity is referred to as a cash handling department/unit.
  • The program talks about the security features it comes with as well as which devices can be used.
  • To make sure that no bills are stuck together hand to hand should be used when counting.

At UWL, we live out the Wisconsin idea of public service and community engagement. We are proud to work with our many partners in La Crosse, giving back every day to a community that generously supports our teaching, learning and service mission. In recent years, the push to provide a more seamless customer experience online and offline – as well as the search for better operational efficiency – have led to a… When the cash is handed to the next person on the team, the person accepting the cash must count the cash and accept by signing the cash sheet.


16% in 2020, with a 24% drop in the United States, McKinsey suggests that cash payments will rebound following the changes from the pandemic. Be credited to the fund and account code to which the original purchase was charged. Monies may be payment for various charges, rebates, or refunds. For a complete list of revenue types, refer to sections 100 and 200 of FIS at FASOM. Protect employees from risk by following policies and procedures.

cash drawer

The outstanding checks reconciliation should be performed by an employee who cannot create or post cash receipts. Bank reconciliation is the process of matching and comparing figures from accounting records against those presented on a bank statement. Cash is defined as currency, checks and credit cards unless otherwise specified. It is important that proper handling of cash is closely controlled. Department managers must monitor constantly to detect any control weaknesses and should review any inconsistencies.

There are some departments that have been approved to deposit directly to a designated bank. A copy of the deposit slip is sent as back-up with a completed Cash Receipts Record to the Cashier’s Office for processing and entry into Banner. The timely deposit of monies received provides for improved control of funds which reduces the risk of loss due to errors, carelessness, or theft. It is important to establish effective internal controls for handling cash and checks that are received.

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